There is something special that happens when we as followers of Jesus circle around a single great need in our community.  This is what our I.J.N. project is all about.  I.J.N. is meeting needs "In Jesus' Name".  A few times throughout the year Village Church chooses a family in need from our community to love on and to help in Jesus' name.

Thanks to all who participated in our October 11 I.J.N. project.  Virginia and her family were "blown away" by all that was accomplished; they couldn't say "thank you" enough.  There were 21 workers on the project and numerous others who helped with meal donations, snacks for workers and financial help.  God was indeed glorified through all of you.

Our next I.J.N. project is for a family in the neighborhood whose kids are in our AWANA program.  They were set back two years ago by numerous medical bills not covered by her insurance, and have just recently been able to pay those off.  In the meantime, the place where she works in Boulder was flooded last year; half the staff was let go and her hours were cut back to part time status.  She lost all her benefits and now they are struggling to pay insurance premiums.  He has had long periods of unemployment and has been struggling with a bad back.  He has done numerous odd jobs and some consulting in his field, but hasn't yet found regular work

 Contact the church office if you would like to help this family with home projects or Christmas presents.