It is our passion, here at Village, to know, imitate and share Jesus.  We believe it is the greatest experience of life. 

Knowing Jesus

To know Jesus involves our minds and our hearts.  It is the foundation of our personal faith.  As a church we provide an environment for people to "get to know Him"  - to fall deeper in love with Him.  The best way we can know Him is through the teaching of His word.  Sunday mornings, before service, we have Discovery Hour classes where you can study God's word in a smaller setting.  Then our worship service includes a message and prayer time from God's word.  Join us Sundays and get to know Jesus better.

Imitating Jesus

In the new testament, Jesus' followers constantly sought to be like him - to imitate him as part of their daily lives.  And still today, those who get to know Jesus want to be like Him.  They want Him to transform their character into His likeness.  The best setting for that process is to get involved in a ministry where you can meet others, share life, serve together and learn from one another.  We invite you to check out our ministry opportunities for you and your family, where you can learn to imitate Jesus.

Sharing Jesus

Jesus changes lives, and quite often He chooses to work through us as His followers.  Jesus also teaches His followers to meet people where they are - that it is important to serve their physical or emotional need, often before you can touch their spiritual need.  At Village we seek the character of Jesus Christ by serving and sharing Him with those in our community. As a result, we are building and strengthening our relationship with the community, with ourselves as a church, and ultimately back to Jesus.