Billing Policies

At the time of registration you are entering into a contract for services with Little Village. You will be billed for these services according to your original request. Any permanent changes to the schedule must be cleared with the Director prior to the changes taking place. This includes all programs Little Village provides.

An  Annual Registration Fee of $65 is due at the time of enrollment and then again every August to register for the new school year. This fee is not pro-rated for mid-year entrance.        

Tuition is billed on Monday mornings. Each family will receive an account statement on the child's sign-in sheet by Tuesday. The statement reflects charges and payments for the current week as well as one month of account history.

Tuition is due during drop-off time the first day of the week the child attends. A late payment fee of $25 is automatically applied to any amount past two days due. Failure to bring account current may result in care being denied until account is current.

A $40 returned check fee will be applied to any account for which a check has been charged. The bank will attempt to send the check through again but still assess a charge-back fee to Little Village. This fee is passed on to the defaulting customer.


Holidays, Sick Days, and Vacations

Holidays are charged per normal schedule.

Little Village does not offer sick days. If your child is scheduled to be in our care, you are charged for that day, even if your child is not in attendance.

Each child is granted two weeks of vacation time per year. We appreciate a two week advance notice when you plan to use the vacation time.  The weeks do not need to be consecutive but the entirety of the vacation to be used must fall in the same calendar week. No invoice will be created for that week.

Children’s Personal Belongings Policy

Children are not allowed to bring toys and books from home to be used during free time or quiet time. We ask that all your child’s personal items be marked with their name or initials. This includes coats, sweaters, hats, shoes they change into. Marking your child’s belongings will aid in the return of their possessions in the event they are taken by mistake. Children are not allowed to trade or give away their personal belongings at Little Village.


Movie Viewing

Little Village is a Christian school, and as such, we strive to conduct ourselves in a manner reflective of how God would have us live. Therefore, Little Village will show G-Rated movies.

Visitors Policy

Parents are invited to visit Little Village classrooms. They MUST check in with Little Village Office BEFORE entering the class. At that time, you will be requested to sign our log. Younger children may not be brought into the classroom during these visits.


Little Village desires to have a very open line of communication between parents, children, and staff. We have found this eliminates many of the questions children have concerning what is expected of them.

“ Time-out” is used at Little Village when a child’s behavior is unacceptable. The first step taken is to remind the child of what is expected of them (i.e., “Please sit on the chair correctly”; “We don’t lean back on chairs”; and “Is what you are doing safe?”). If a child is screaming, they will be reminded to use “indoor voices”. If comments like these do not bring about the desired behavior, the child is removed from the group. Each time-out period is ended with the teacher and child talking about why they are in time-out. If time-out is not working for your child, we will set up a conference. If your child has questions concerning something that has gone on during their day, and you have questions, PLEASE call the Little Village office (303-452-2944) or ask your child’s teacher to contact you.

Little Village cannot allow any of the children to use physical violence or foul language as a method of handling disagreements or frustrations. In order to prevent any misunderstanding, Little Village requires parents to sign a Behavioral Statement at the time of enrollment for each child.

Copies of our license are posted in the gym next to the kitchen window and in the Little Village office.