Little Village provides van service before and after school to Eagleview Elementary and West Ridge Elementary Schools.

Children who will need transportation on the Little Village van are required to have a signed permission slip allowing us to transport them. Permission slips must be signed at the beginning of the school year, stating days and time/times child is to be transported. School teacher and room number along with emergency phone numbers and insurance provider. At the beginning of our summer program permission to transport slips must be signed providing all the above emergency information. Permission slips will include the rules to be followed to promote safety for the students and driver.

Children Riding in Little Village Van

Colorado Booster Seat Law HB02-1070 requires all Children who are under 40 lbs. to ride in a child restraint until they are at least 6 years of age or at least 55” tall. When transporting our Kindergarten class we will ask parents to provide booster seats for special field trips. As a general rule we do not transport children under the age of 6 years.

Children are required to wear seat belts at all times. They are not allowed to unbuckle until the van has been turned off. Roll is taken before leaving on a field trip or to take children to school. Roll is taken before returning to Little Village from a field trip or public school pick up. When picking up children from school if the child does not come to the van the following steps will be taken.

1. A call will be made to the school to verify the child was at school and did not leave early.

2. We will ask the school to page the child. If there is no evidence they have left early or have been there for the day.

3. Little village will be called and a call will be placed to the child’s parent to help locate the missing child.

4. Please note we cannot remain for long periods of time at a school. If your child answers the page we will ask the school to instruct your child to come directly to the van. If not we will continue on and ask them to keep the child in the office and notify Little Village if the child should come to the office. We will return for them after making our van runs.

If we are on a field trip and are ready to return and a child is missing we will

1. Leave the children with one staff member and begin searching for your child.

2. We will immediately notify the individual in charge of the facility and request their help in finding your child.

3. If your child is not found immediately the police will be called.

4. Parents will be notified after police have been called

Parents who volunteer to transport children are required to show proof of insurance and current valid driver’s license.

Late Arrival of Child

If your child is scheduled to take part in a field trip and they arrive late we will have them join another class here at Little Village. We ask that you not take your child to a field trip location, as we cannot be responsible for children being dropped off at a field trip sight. Field trips must originate and end here at Little Village.