"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." Mark 16:15

Here at Village we are about knowing, imitating and sharing Jesus. And while we strive to do this in our local neighborhood, we also support those who are called to go beyond. Below are some of our missionaries and where they serve. Also please read their update newsletters found at the bottom of this page.


John & Elaine Mehn



John and Elaine Mehn have served as Converge Worldwide  missionaries in Japan since 1985 with the primary ministry of cross-cultural church planting, direct evangelism and outreach, mobilization and equipping for church planting, leadership development, and spiritual renewal mentoring. Since 1985 they have lived in the world’s largest city: Tokyo. Currently they live in Machida City, a large suburb of Tokyo with nearly 500,000 people. Their home, in addition to their residence, is the headquarters for the Japan Mission, the operations center for the Church Planting Institute (CPI), and a renewal center for women in ministry called The Spring.

News from John & Elaine Mehn

We may seem "normal" but not our life!

"What is a typical day for you?" is a question we are sometimes asked.  In our decades of work, there has probably never been a normal day, normal week, or normal year.  Much of our schedule is abnormal, nonetheless, there are ongoing things and patterns which you can recognize.  Certainly much for you to pray for us.

Much time and energy goes into preparation, mentoring and coaching, presentations, coordinating and planning activities and events, writing and publishing, as well as meeting with key leaders.

Yes, there is the normal life stuff too, along with rest, recreation and walks.  No matter what we are doing we remember God's promise to us as his children, "I am with you."  Having a sense of God's presence in all we do is the "normal" that we strive to experience every day.


Scott and Ruth Millar

toronto, canada

Scott & Ruth serve as Converge Worldwide missionaries and have planted churches in the difficult areas of Northwest Argentina in Santiago del Estero and Catamarca.  Currently they are planting churches in Toronto, Canada which is the most ethnically diverse city in the world.  Their experience in assessing, coaching, and training church planters is invaluable as they work on the front edge of ministering to the diverse ethnic communities of North America.


Jacob and Allison Ainsworth


Since returning to America last summer, God has led Jacob and Allison to pursue ministry with International Students, Inc. This is an organization seeking to share Christ’s love with international students to show them the love of Christ and give them a transforming story.

Jacob will be working with students at Auraria campus, his Alma Mater, located in downtown Denver. His main role will be building friendships with international students and investing in them. When students become interested, he will lead them in Bible studies, as well as organize events and outings. Jacob will also take part in conversational English classes to help students improve their English. 

For more information about ISI please visit their website: www.isionline.org.