From John & Elaine Mehn - Missionaries to Japan 

Time for Touring!

John & Elaine have just begun their Home Assignment tour in the US.

Reverse Culture Stress - Adjusting to America

 Returning to the US from Japan for Home Assignment always brings with it many adjustments and reverse culture stress.  Having lived in Japan nearly half our lives we are more use to living in Japan than the US.  This means relearning and adjusting to a few things.

* Drive on the left -to- drive on the right

*Use cash -to- use credit

* Non-touch/hug culture -to-touch/hug culture

*Walk or use public transportation -to- always use the car

*monocultural community -to- multicultural community

Please pray for our time with our children and grandchildren, for each of our writing projects, for rest and refreshment while in the US





John and Elaine Mehn
Accelerating Spiritual Renewal and Church Multiplication Movements
Converge Worldwide - Missionaries to Japan
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From Scott & Ruth Millar - Missionaries to Toronto

GTA Church Planting

Pray for Vision 2020

Iglesia Emanuel of Toronto is starting five Hispanic churches this year in different parts of the Greater Toronto Area.  This is a big step of faith for a congregation of 65 members.  The goal is to plant 20 new congregations by 2020.  Scott and Ruth are leading the church planting team in Brampton and training church planters and leaders in Seminary courses.  They have been making contacts since their arrival in November.  Making visits Canadian style can be a challenge.

Preview Service

On February 28 we had our first preview service.  Twenty six people attended.  It was a good beginning.  Our topic was "God with us".  We talked about how loneliness can be a door to a closer relationship with God.  We are praying for two youth and one adult that attended, to receive Christ.

God bless you and thank you for supporting us in prayer.


Love and Prayers,
Scott and Ruth Millar 
312 8599374

Converge World Wide Hispanic church planting



From Loren & Carrie Pankratz

Planting a Multiplying Missional Church in South Davis County, Utah


Two More "Dunked"

After Faylynne was baptized last month, two more people approached me about baptism.  Joel has been in our church for a long time, and was baptized as an infant, but had begun to feel like he needed to make the choice to be baptized to be obedient to Christ.  Emily, began attending our church and small group a little over a year ago.  She was a Jewish atheist at the time, and said she wanted to observe the social dynamics of a Christian small group.  Well, God began working on her heart, and after becoming a Christian a few months ago, she decided to go public with her faith by inviting her family and friends to her baptism earlier this month.


1.  Pray for pastor Ritch Sandford and the church he is planting in South Jordan, Utah.  They began meeting Sunday mornings in March.

2.  Several families are working through job loss right now.  Please pray the Lord would open new avenues for provision.

3.  Continue to pray for growth in our youth group, both for more numbers and growth in taking new steps of faith.

Thanks for your support!

Loren & Carrie Pankratz

Converge Worldwide Church Planters - Utah