Make a joyful noise!

Humbly bow before Him!

Expectantly respond to God!

These are three acts of worship found in Psalms 95. When you come to Village you will hear vibrant upbeat music. You will have the opportunity to reflect on God's Word through Scripture based prayers and  lyrics. Most of all, you will be encouraged to respond to God's invitation to come into His presence just  as you are.  

People ask me as the worship leader of Village Church, "What style of music do you do at  Village?"  Blended? Eclectic? Cutting Edge? The truth is we're not any one of those but rather all those and much more. You'll hear songs off the Christian radio, classics from the past and even a hymn or two modernized. So, if you like variety, relevant and God-honoring lyrics, you'll love Village worship. Come and see!