Here are some of our reoccurring opportunities to serve the community. Be on the look out for other events that happen throughout the year. Have a heart for the community and ideas on how to serve them for Jesus? Let us know and you can join our team.

Devotions & Visiting @ Park Regency Assisted living

The first Wednesday of each month @ 9:30am

Like working with seniors? Plan to be a part of this neighborhood ministry that provides residence of the Park Regency Assisted Living with time a Bible devotions as well as visiting. Let us know if you want to be a part of this great ministry.


There is something special that happens when we as followers of Jesus circle around a single great need in our community.  This is what our I.J.N. project is all about.  I.J.N. is meeting needs "In Jesus' Name".  A few times throughout the year Village Church chooses a family in need from our community to love on and to help in Jesus' name.

Thanks to all who participated in our  I.J.N. project.  Virginia and her family were "blown away" by all that was accomplished; they couldn't say "thank you" enough.  There were 21 workers on the project and numerous others who helped with meal donations, snacks for workers and financial help.  God was indeed glorified through all of you.

Serving at the St. Francis Homeless Shelter

Once a month a small group head over to the St. Francis Homeless Shelter and assist with whatever is needed. From laundry to organizing, it is a great way to bless the workers of this shelter.